Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Pokemon Go Craze

Have you got yourself go crazy over Pokemon Go? Are you one of those who was dying for it to hit the country after it was banned earlier because of a hack?

Well, it has hit the Philippines, 3 days ago and a whole lot of people were hooked. I included, we are all transformed to hunters, looking for those pokemons everywhere.

For 2 nights now, me and Ron rode his scooter to every pokestop in Bacolod for some pokeballs, eggs and other whatnot. Last night was the worse of the addiction, we stopped at the Bacolod Lagoon  which is a pokestop because someone put a Lure. So for 30 minutes we waited for pokemons hoping to catch the rare ones. The worst of it all, we have done this with non-permitting weather conditions. But a lot has gathered last night. It is as if, not only pokemons were lured at Lagoon but Hunters as well. Hahaha!

I don't know how long I will get addicted with this game but for now, Gotta Catch them all!

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