Thursday, July 14, 2011

EPEC Approved

I finally got my Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC)from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore. This is already my second try and finally it has been granted to me.

In my first try, I still filled out the usual questions on my educational background and then 2 days after I got an email from MOM that my application was rejected. A week later, after reading through how to go about rejected applications to MOM, I sent an email to MOM to appeal on my case. How could they possibly reject such application when their only basis of approval is educational history. I'm not bragging, but I graduated from the most prestigiuos state university and I am currently taking up further studies so how in the world did I got rejected. So I sent them scanned copies of my diploma, my grades etc for them to realize that I am fit to join their work force. But then I received a reply that I just need to reapply! But I have to wait 90 days since I filed my appliction for me to reapply.

So after three months, I logged on again at MOM's website and reapplied. Two days later, I got an email requesting for some of my documents like diploma, certificates, photo, passport for them to evaluate. I have prepared all of them when I decided to look for work abroad so it was an easy job.

Two weeks later, I got another email that my EPEC got approved and I will be receiving my certificate in my given address.

So today, I went home happy to finally see my EPEC. I don't know when I would be leaving for SG yet but I know its an opportunity I should not pass.


yvette said...

Yey! Come over, Reg. Sayang ang 1 year. :)

yvette said...

Come over, Reg! Sayang ang one year :)

raji said...

vet, very soon...I just need to sort out some stuff... and i have a lot of pending flights abroad..most probably next year na ang SG...serious mode na...