Friday, January 14, 2011

Warts Free and Vanity

I went to the clinic today and had my warts removed through cautery. Not because I am vain (or maybe that's a small part of it) but I'm taking advantage of my HMO benefits which will end this month.  The company renews it every February so for last year's, I have not spent on anything being all healthy for the year. So before the card gets renewed, I did a little spending regardless people would think I am being vain.

Warts are cause by a virus so it easily spreads in our body.  According to Doc Jonathan, the virus causing facial warts is of the same specie that causes cervical cancer or was it just cervical warts... ok so I'm not paying attention..hahaha!!! But he recommends that I get the shots for Cervical Cancer which has been offered at the office at a discounted rate.  That I have to save up because it is costly even at discounted rate.

I have been through the cautery procedure and this is my 3rd time... I know the routine... But I could not help but be a little nervous wreck and cautious with the aftercare which this time Doc Jonathan did not prescribe any unlike my dermatologist back in the province.  :(  (I know, this is vanity speaking now.) I'm just scared of scars so I have to think and follow all preventive measures and advices during my last cautery (which is ages ago) and keep my hands off because as of this writing my face is getting itchy as what Doc Jonathan has described as an after effect...

Argggg!!! Totally pure agony!!!  And my face and neck looks like it is full of moles!!!! hahaha!!! 2 weeks and this stress is over!

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