Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How much to go home?!

I have been in a crossroads for so so long.  The bond at work is over, there is nothing to tie me down.  I don't have any reason to be here. Then getting back to UP for a Masters Degree came which had me a reason to stay.  

Now, I am at a dilemma.  After this semester, I could go LOA and find work elsewhere.  I have been applying for work overseas.  Also I have been scouting for work back home.  But it seems, they are not ready for me yet.

Last night, while doing my job hunting, I came across a cadet engineer vacancy at Hawaiian-Philippine Company, Inc. in Silay City.  Silay is just next to our place going North.  And without thinking, I clicked the apply button.  Act of desperation.  Totally!

I know the risks.  It means saying goodbye to a salary that is substantial.  It means back to zero with my career. But in doing so, I could be coming home.  I am with my family and with my loved ones.  I going back to my life.

So how much should I risk in going home?  Home much in exchange for a chance back home?  How much to go home?

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