Sunday, July 11, 2010

Terribly Busy

I'm working terribly hard for school now... almost there but not quite yet.  I have tougher subjects this semester so I have been using my time wisely for work and school. I sometime do school work at the office, bad as it may sound.  But then, I have to squeeze it in just to finish what is required of me.

And though I seem to be very busy, I make it a point that I open my weekends to any invitations coming my way.
Once again, I'm doing programming. Probably one of my hatest in college, I could kill just to avoid this subject.  Just when I thought I got over it, here I am doing it again... all the while I thought grad school is for fun, who am I kidding?!?  But I'm not quitting, not anytime... and I'm actually thinking of studying more.. maybe not in my field but other interesting things... like maybe autocad or something...

just some thoughts...

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