Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mt. Purro Test Climb

For today's work, we did an ocular inspection at Mt. Purro (Marikina Watershed) for our treeplanting activity this coming Saturday. Amidst the weather (rainy with fog, may bagyo kasi) we reached the top of mountain, drenched in mud, sweat and rains. It was a tiring experience but as they say, when you reach the top, you would say that the view is worth it and the next problem would be is the trip going down. 

living in the mountains

Going down was uberly terrible.  If it took us 45 minutes going up, an hour and a half was spend going down.  It was really really slippery, I fell on my ass once and called unto the Lord a million times.  Add to that a lot of screams when i almost-slipped which is a lot .  I went home with my sneakers, socks and lower legs of my pants all wet with mud and rain.  The rest of me are drenched with rain and sweat combination.

It was a great experience and I would redo all of it this Saturday during the real tree planting. Hope we could make it!
Manila Water's Guinea Pigs

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