Monday, July 27, 2009


Today is PGMA's 9th and hopefully the last State of the Nation Address. I haven't heard of anything about the event nor the content of her speech as I arrived home and the news on SONA was already done. Today is also Iglesia Ni Cristo Anniversary Celebration. A lot of devotees have gone out to celebrate. All of these amidst the pouring rain.

Classes have been canceled in all levels even in graduate studies. And how I wished we just spent time in class than have nothing to do but go home early.

Yes, I did go home early. After doing some laboratory work in UP. I walked straight to Central to save 7Php. After that, I got stranded as jeepneys and buses going to Fairview (going to Sandigan where the SONA is) is all jampacked... to the extent that 5-6 people are clinging in the jeepney rails, just to get home.

I am, somehow, lucky. There was a Dahlia jeep.. vacant!!! It was pure blessing. I was one of the lucky few to get in and sit comfortably. But come Diliman Prep, the jeep I'm riding come to a slow procession, as heavy traffic consumed us. It was about 8PM when I reached Sandigan.

Phew! Now I'm home.. and I still didn't know what the SONA's about yet I wished it never happened today.

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