Friday, July 10, 2009

My debts are catching up on me.

I have acquired a credit card years ago… just yesterday, I received my bill with an annual fee on top of my purchases. It has been two years, two years of plastic purchases. I have no problems really with this plastic. With the low credit limit, I am not afraid to go on debt.

But these past few days, it seems that my debt is not decreasing… it is not that I don’t pay up my dues, but the thing is, I seem to have a lot of purchases these few months…I usually purchase my tickets online with my credit card which was so convenient. But now that travel is less because of school, the plastic just rests in my wallet, unutilized. But despite that, debts build up. And my salary isn’t catching up to say the least… So here I am, full in debt, working my ass to pay them.

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