Monday, May 11, 2015

Sauteed Fish in Honey and Lemon

My husband is out for the Holy Week and I am left to myself alone in the house.  Because I am too lazy to cook fancy, I once again whipped myself with what is available in the kitchen, white fish, lemons and honey.

So here is dinner for me:

 photo 20150402_220459.jpg


1 cream dory fillet
1 medium sized lemon, juiced
2 tbsp honey
salt and pepper

1. Mix lemon and honey, salt and pepper. Pour over cream dory. Marinate for 1 hr.
2. Transfer dory in a foil, sprinkle basil and pepper. 
3. Fold ends of the aluminum foil to ensure that the fish is covered tightly. This is to ensure moisture is not lost.
4. Steam fish for 20 min.


Note: I cut my fish into bite sizes to easily absorb marinade and for faster cooking.

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