Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011's 11 Valuable Lessons

2011's 11 valuable lessons:

 Work smarter not harder.

 Kindness is not always a kindness and severity at times, is a kind of kindness.

 Assert yourself and do not let the fear of confrontation censor you. This is especially true on issues of great importance. Holding your silence when you should have spoken your mind forfeits any right to complain afterwards.

The best defense to have against people who like to stand on other people's shoulders and take credit for other people's hard work is to know your self-worth.

Some people love to portray themselves as the victim because it's their way of coping with realities they can't accept. Give them sympathy therefore because that is what they want to elicit but give them nothing else.

If you don't change something about yourself, nothing around you ever will.

All great changes are preceded by turmoil. Have the courage to embrace it however unknown. You can not grasp something better if you don't let go of what is currently in your grip.

Everyone has their version of the truth. It is after all everyone's prerogative. Some truths however, hold more true than others.

Do not call it YOUR dream if you are waiting for other people to realize it for you.

Let go and believe. It. Will. Be. Alright.

Love is love is love is love. It is not something that you should ever apologize for.


This is a post, I lifted verbatim from a good friend, Therese Seares, which I believed made a lot of sense.


One of my greatest lessons in 2011,is to take chances. Risk. Trust. Believe. Fight. And do it all over again. There is nothing but bold about doing and fulfilling your dreams and believing that YOU CAN DO IT Thank yoiu 2011! Thank you for the hard lessons learned, for the strengthend relationships, awesome travels and great opportunities. 2012 will be a good year. I claim it to be!

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