Monday, June 28, 2010

Bad Weekend

The last weekend was the meanest. 

Saturday. After spending time in bed and wasted hours doing nothing, the day ended with a big fight with my brother.  Big to the point where he banged the keyboards till all the keys are out of its sockets.  I didn't say anything and had that "poker face" telling him I don't care at all and went to the bathroom.  After taking a bath, I found the monitor of his computer down and the electric fan as well.  I was not bothered.  And all through the night, we have left the appliance as is, as pride enveloped each on of us.
 sibling fight
Sunday. We're still not in speaking terms.  While my brother is asleep and I was in front of the tube, we heard our most feared voice.  It was like a nightmare turned to reality. Good thing, I lowered the volume of the TV beforehand so it was not obvious from the outside. I instantly turned off the dvd and ran towards the door and locked it.  Then I ran towards my brother's part of the house and woke him up...And he just replied, "I hear him".  And we decided to pretend that the house was empty. 

My father was outside our house.  We heard him asked for us from the neighbors but we pretended that we were not in.  It was a terrible 4-5 hours of pure agony.  I don't want to see him for I dont' know what to react.  Mixed emotion of anger, contempt, pity, etc.  I don't know... And mostly, I don't want to regret anything I would do or say towards my father.

I don't want the last weekend to ever happen again.. it was, by far, the meanest.

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