Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ryan's Lessons may be Everyone's Lessons

I came across a <a/></href=>site</href> of how Ryan Seacrest has gone overboard with his duties as a host in the popular TV show American Idol and some tips of how he could keep his job.  I just thought of tweaking a little bit of it and make it applicable to work everyday.
1) Stick with your scope and limitations.  Don't go overboard unless someone allows you to go within their territories.

2. Let the master do their thing and learn from them. 

3. Let the contestants do the talking. Hang back, let them show their personalities more. God knows we needed that a lot more this season!

4. Talk but with sense.  It is ok to add you own inputs especially if they ask you for it.

5. Be a sheperd to the newbies.  There are a lot of newcomers and you know how it felt to be beginning so let them feel at ease. 

6. Make everyone and anyone comfortable. They are afterall, part of the team.

7. Be vulnerable. Do something dumb.  Who is the real you?  Don't afraid to show it.
8. Make jokes about yourself. Keep everyone else out of it.9. Don't hit on anyone or one person in particular.  That could be very obvious.  Even if you don't like a person, the very least that you could do is give him your respect.

10. Add some spice to your work life.  Bring in some surprises... They'll keep on guessing and expecting.

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