Thursday, April 15, 2010


Two weeks ago, I have realized that someone is coming into the house while I was gone.  I was out and about during the holy week and I was out again last weekend when I came home.  Good thing for history in google chrome I have confirmed my suspicions.  It was logged that while I was away, someone is using our computer and the internet.

I have told my brother about it and truth behold, Niel his friend was coming into the house... but Niel has been helping us out with Aurora especially when we're away so I really do not mind... but the thing that's bothering me is, he wasn't telling me anything and our electricity bill is still rocket high. And he is devouring our food supply... if that's the case, he is close to being a theft and that starts there... I don't know what else is he taking from the house.

I have been thinking of cutting the power supply for the whole house.  The power supply box is in my room and I'm thinking of closing the room as well... but I'm worrying about the refrigerator and its contents.  So today, I have thought of putting off the internet connection by removing the modem.  Because I thought that Niel comes into the house because of that. I texted my brother that the modem is not working and I have to get it to Globe today just to send the message to Niel.

I know I am bad and selfish but really, I need to cut on my electricity expense.  

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