Monday, April 12, 2010

My Photography Story

I love pictures.  Taking them and being in them. 

I have invested in my gears although it was surely a pain in my pocket. The first camera I have owned was a hand me down from my mother.  It was a 35mm film camera.  The camera was enjoyable of course and there is that thrill in waiting for the pictures when I have them processed.  But that is the problem with film, you won't have the luxury of shooting anything and everything because you have to maximize the limited shots that you have bought.  And of course, you have to allocate money for developing the film.

During college, I bought my first digital camera with my money from doing research work.  I was so happy and excited I always brought it along with me.  It was a dream come true as I now have the freedom of clicking the day away not worrying of wasted money because I could instantly delete, or edit a bad picture.  But two months after I bought my camera, I found myself gearless.  My bag got slashed and my camera was down the drain.

I have acquired another handy point and shoot when I turned one at work.  It was one of my proudest buy at ebay not to mention the patience I have mustered to keep my savings intact and spare a little for necessities before acquiring one. The P&S documented my travels, occasions and gatherings.  It served its purpose and I enjoyed it a single bit.

The onset of DSLRs and professional photography craze turned me into a loon when I bought my Nikon D3000.  Frustration after frustrations have I encountered with this monster.  Five months have come yet I am not able to master let alone tame it.  Although there are some good shots but I still could not get a hang of it.  Yet I am not giving up.  I will be one great photographer one day..

photographer wannabe
wannabe photographer
So now with the P&S passed on to my brother, and I'm relying on instinct with the big pro-toy, millions of photos are stacked and wasting away my computer disk space.  I have used some photos in my travel blog but just the best usable ones, the rest are saved in my multiply for safe keeping. I'm wondering, how else could I make use of photography.  How could I make money from it?


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