Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dorky Dress Up

So far, I got two hits in a row.  I didn't wear my uniform today and had worn my floral brown-orange blouse.  Before leaving the house, I have checked myself in the mirror and thought  that I look ok, more than ever I feel good about myself.…

When I came in today, a very good friend of mine, Jayce commeted on my blouses, calling it 70s because of the floral design.  I just smiled and though it was a compliment.  And just 5 minutes ago a good friend and a senior cadet, Ma'am Salve, asked me if I am a member of Opus Dei.  After I'm telling her that I'm not one of them, she told me, cautiously (asking me not to beangry or offended), that I have to do away from the flowers.  She told me that if I wouldn't want to end up an old maid, I should dress up sophisticatedly.

Ok, I guess I oftentimes dress up in dorky clothes.  But I am comfortable with them.  And I loved these clothes in one point of their useful life.  Or maybe it is how I carry my blouse today.  Maybe I am not as confident or just as carefree in it..But whatever reason I don't look good in them, I am not offended nor angry about the comments because hearing them will only bring out the best in me.

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