Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, the Year of Opportunities

As a tradition, I am writing my last blog for the year.

2009 was good and had a lot of doors opened.

Career had a spin when I said goodbye to Taguig and got tranfered to the main office.  I had the opportunity to work with the top men and women of the company as I ventured as a Technical Assistant to the Operations Group Director.  My new bosses, Frank and Tom, were a crazy duo but I have learned and have grown a lot from them.  Along with that I am working with the rest of 300+ employees of Operations group.

The batch have remained strong and finished the bond.  The 29 of us has succeeded to finally cross the finish line of the 2-year bond.  Freedom finally came to us last December 11.  And I don't know who will be first out of the doors of Manila Water.  Time would only tell.  However, each of us had build our own lives in the company, busy lives that is that we could no longer have time to even meet up.  Had almost 3 get-togethers for the holidays but the batch never was complete.

2009 was a second chance for me as I succeeded to enter the Environmental Engineering Program of UP.  Finally, I am fulfilling my dreams to take up Masters and in the beloved Alma Mater.  What more can I say.  It was a tough first semester but got through it alive.

There are a lot of trials that has strengthen me.  With Mel getting sick last year, it was tremendously hard to juggle work, school and responsibilities.  But I learned that family will be there, always. And Pa left us last April. And that's it for now.

The house at QC was in renovation at the end of the year.  Aside from that, purchases have been a lot but mostly on air tickets going home and for next year's travels.  Also, I have acquired a Nikon D3000 which is until now has caused me banrkrupt.  But then, I love the camera.

I look forward to the Tiger.  Hope it would be a fierce 2010 for me and the family.  Thanks to all who made 2009 special. :)

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