Monday, March 09, 2009

Pagpupugay kay FM

The news was as fast as fire. Through a text message to one of my officemate, suddenly the whole ground floor of the main office caught the fire. Francis M. is dead. And it was all over the internet.

Kiko was diagnosed with leukemia, AML to be specific (but I don't know what's the meaning of it), 7 months ago. That shook us since the guy is really very young .

I am an avid fan of the man and his works.. I've read his blogs even before he got sick. I've seen his photos and wished I could have the eye for creativity as his. I've sang his songs (the popular ones). I wish to buy a shirt or a merchandie from FMCC. I hope I could do that soon.

And even during his battle with cancer, I have read through his updates of how he and his family copes with his sickness and how, little by little, he has won over it. As each post shows how he has entrusted his life to the Lord and how he surrendered his health to the hands of the Almighty, I was also in prayer that the guy will surpass the trials he faces.

But the man has bowed down to cancer. Though defeated, Francis M. is triumphant for he has showed many how to hope and trust in the Supreme Being. He has awed everyone by his love of the country and how he has eagerly showed his hope for the children to better things for the future. Francis M. may have gone but his works will surely remain in the hearts of many...


Kiko is awesome and that I will always remember him.


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