Friday, March 13, 2009

Goodbyes Said

I have always believed that saying goodbyes is very hard... especially for the one who is leaving.

Yesterday was my last day in Taguig. Amidst that, I never got to sit down and rest. I even missed lunch. The whole office was in chaos because we spent the whole day preparing for a Billed Volume Challenging. While we were doing the presentation, our boss was adding in the pressure. =(

By four in the afternoon we were eager to get out, not to go home yet, but to do as much pending job as we could, without our boss biting our necks off. Sir Lawrence, Jovert, Chris and I loaded the Get and off we go to our areas.

We went to our Kasanggas to invite them for the pub con. When we reached the AFPOVAI Office, it was past five. Amidst that, we pursued. Good thing they are still inside. Almost all of my friends in AFPOVAI were there, both General Manager Mamerto Ureta, President Arthur Garrido, Ma'am Sheila, Ma'am Jenna, and Stephen. And I said my goodbye which of course, Sir Garrido took badly. He had the same sentiments when Sir Sundy left. But I know that he understood that the transfer was for my good.

It was hard...Tears almost welled up my eyes. When I finally shook hands with Sir Garrido, to thank him, I almost choked my tears just to not feel them. And he said, "You will always be welcome here at AFPOVAI." I told him that I would be visiting when I get the chance to go to Taguig for whatever reason.... and I don't know if I would be doing that.

When I went back to the service, I was quiet. I knew to myself that these are some things I would be missing when I would be transferring to the Ops. But it is time to move. It is time to embrace an opportunity.

I may have said goodbyes but my Kasanggas will always be my friends. =)

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