Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some Things I get for Free

Who says things shouldn't come for free?  Who says every thing should have a price tag?

I love freebies. I love free tasting. I love going to trade fairs for free samples.  During college, we often wait for free admission movies at the UP Film Center. And even if I have no one to drag for some good Eigasai films, I still take the chance to watch. I love watching plays too. Free plays the most. Ron and I were able to snag 20 minutes of our time to wacth Serbis the other week beacause it was free. Free starbucks from the Brit bosses or the free meriendas during work huddles was a delight.

Ever since I came home, the freebies became different. It was purely related to the outcome of our business. I now enjoy gadgets wheneer we hit yearly targets. I got a laptop and a phone frome suppliers. I get gift certificates, perks of our purhases. I also get free BPI treats with the consistent use. And soon enough I could get a new gadget with the reward points I earn.

But above the free material stuff that I get, I am happy with the constant hugs and kisses given to me by my husband. The giggles of my nephew or his inquisitive look are priceless as well. The bonding moments I have with my brothers over food or volleyball is awesome. I wouldn't experience this now if I didn't choose to go home. So I may have sacrificed some freebies but I gained more than I could ask for.

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