Monday, August 08, 2011


I'm digging myself a big hole of bankruptcy.  Worse, its a hole of sinking mud.  Quick sand! If there's a rope that I could cling to, to keep me hanging then I am hopeful.  But for now, I am in deep shit.

My bank account is reaching zero.  And I have to live by with less than a thousand pesos until the next pay day.  I have bills and debts to pay.  And just this Saturday, I broke the LCD of my brother's laptop causing me Php 6500 for repair and replacement. I haven't told him yet and I'm not planning to as I am also the last person who held his iTouch until it went into slumber.  I'm really a wooz when it comes to gadgets...

So now instead of allocating money for my upcoming travel, I have to tighten my belt more to cover for more bills and payments.  =(  The economy is not doing well like I do.

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