Wednesday, September 02, 2009

No VIP Treatment

I have just finished lunch. And I can’t wait but to blog about a big great guy who tries to be ordinary to reach out for his people. I’ve seen Rene D Almendras (RDA), our company president at LUA looking over what food is being served at the canteen. Seeing nothing interesting he approached the sandwich stand and while doing so, says hi and “kamusta?” to his people. And he ordered and waited like an ordinary employee. No frills, no VIP treatment, no “I am the president of Manila Water Company.”

When we are about to go out, his sandwich was also done and so we approached the door almost at the same time. Sol and I were eating icecream. He asked, “Where you buy that?” And so we pointed it out to him. Like a kid interested for a cone, he planned of going back inside while asking what other flavors are available. It was quite amazing finding a child in such a big man. And he then got hold of himself mumbling how he needs to diet since he is getting big.

Quite amusing. RDA is tough when it comes to business pushing people to do their best and deliver more that what they committed. But today, after such encounter, leveling himself to his people outside work may make RDA ordinary yet it makes him truly an extraordinary leader.

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